Words about Idempotency

The other day I came across this article. I was immediately interested in it since we are designing a system that needs idempotency and didn’t have anything in place. The nice thing about Airbnb’s design was that they generalized the idempotency with a three-phase process. Pre-RPC, RPC, and Post-RPC. In the first phase, they record… Continue reading Words about Idempotency

My Study Plans

Throughout my life, I lost track of things I wanted to learn. I have a forever-growing list of books I want to read on Good Reads, many of them related to Computer Science somehow. As I make a living by building software, I decided to have a dedicated number of hours a week to study… Continue reading My Study Plans

Hello, world! Again…

Here I go again, another blog instance and another try to start publishing things regularly. Why did I do that this time? Before answering this question I think it is a good idea to first give you a bit of context about why I started and stopped before. It all happened in the Spring of… Continue reading Hello, world! Again…

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